There are many impressions across the world of what it means to be a Canadian. Some people think of us as being raised in a place that is much like America but without the same level of violence, corruption, and with free healthcare and a need for prenatal medicine when you cross the border. Others still know us for all of the peacekeeping efforts that we made throughout the world in the last century. And then there are people who see it as a potential place for a better life full of people who should be happy to live in such a country. On this site, all of the things that make this country and its people great will be celebrated.

You can't really have a website devoted to the finer points of Canada without talking about the land itself. From the West Coast with its mountains, oceanfront landscapes, and forests to the East Coast's beautiful cliffs and Celtic atmosphere, there are hundreds of places throughout this nation that could take a person's breath away and there are more than a few that still make an appearance in art prints big and small are created on a daily basis. There is something to see in all of the provinces of Canada whether you're looking for a place to spend a great vacation or are looking for a place to settle down.

While many people don't talk very directly about laws and taxes, there are many parts of the Canadian government system and ways that this country is run that help to make it unique and great. Some people from other countries might be surprised to hear what pride many Canada's have with still being a part of the British Empire and there are many policies that differentiate us from even our southern neighbours. Not all Canadian might be willing to celebrate for the same decisions in government, but we will talk about those things that many would use to describe us as great. This might come from someone who is studying to be an architect or someone who is in their retirement years. You can learn more about Canadian law here and there's an interesting bit of information about tax rebates here.

A country's identity is often defined by its culture and there are all sorts of different things that we can talk about here when it comes to Canada. This is now one of the most multicultural countries in the world and there are always things happening in terms of everything from music to sports. Whether you're someone who trades funds or someone who works as a schoolteacher, there is likely some element of the Canadian culture that you're passionate about. We will explore all of the different things that make this place and the people that are living here like no other. We will also tell you about things that have changed on this front over the years. This website is meant to be a celebration of the Canada that we are living in today and an exploration of all of the different ways that we got here.

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